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Governing Body

The Governing Body has responsibility for ensuring that the organisation has appropriate arrangements in place to exercise their functions effectively, efficiently and economically in accordance with accepted principles of good governance and the Constitution of the CCG.

Meetings of the Clinical Commissioning Group's (CCG) Governing Body are held in public with a commitment to ensuring that decision making is transparent and open. This means members of the public are welcome to attend and observe the meetings. There may however be occasions when due to the nature of the issue to be discussed, the Governing Body is required to meet in confidential session. Confidential items could include matters that are commercial in-confidence, of a disciplinary nature or where public discussion would not be in the overall public interest.

The Governing Body welcome questions from the public in respect of agenda items. Such questions will be verbally responded to at the meeting. Questions must be submitted to the Corporate Governance Team (details below) either in writing or by e-mail two days prior to the meeting. Questions that do not relate to an agenda item may be submitted to the CCG at any time and will be responded to outside of the CCG Governing Body meeting.

For information on dates, times and location on meetings, please visit the Governing Body meeting dates page here.

The meeting papers for the Governing Body meetings are published in this section.  The papers are organised into financial years.  Please click the links below to access the appropriate period:

If you would like to put a question to the Governing Bodies or would like further details, you can do so by contacting the Corporate Governance  team at:


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