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Support and Development

Support, Development  and Training

As part of our ongoing commitment to the development and support of  lay members, patient leaders and volunteers with whom we work we deliver or provide access to a range of resources,  training and development opportunities including;

  • Patient and Public Engagement Committee Development Sessions;–

            18 June 2018

            26 February 2019

  • Patient Participation Group Networking Events;

            5 June 2018

            11 December 2018

  • Patient Participation Group Chairs Meetings;

            10 May 2018

            12 July 2018

            11 October 2018

            Meeting Schedule

  • East Midlands Academic Health Science Network;

            Patient, Service User, Carer and Citizen Networking Event 14 February 2019 Patient Leadership Programme


            Top ten tips guides covering a range of engagement and involvement topics


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